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Bildhive Widgets

Bildhive platform has a library of widgets that use the api from the platform themselves that are ready to be used for your website using the website builder application from within the platform. Though it is handy, you may sometimes want to create customized widgets in order.

You can refer to the guides mentioned here, to implement the widgets on your own.

API Token (for Authorizing API requests)

In order to implement these widgets, you will need to work with Bildhive APIs. The Bildhive APIs are protected using an API token. Each project has its own unique API token.

To retrieve the API token, follow these instructions. On the welcome screen, find the project you want to retrieve the API token. Hover over the colored hexagon before the project title, and open the 3 dot menu. Go to "Settings" for the project. On the settings screen, you will find "API Key" under "API security" section.

For API specific instructions, refer to the API documentation.